Suberizer Background

Suberizer Background

Suberizer, Inc. is an engineering-manufacturing-construction firm whose sole endeavor is to provide raw product storage for potatoes and onions. Through extensive research and engineering coupled with pride in accomplishment, the firm has achieved an outstanding record.

Our association with Washington State University in 1972 prompted us to develop a mathematical model of a potato pile to perform steady-state analysis under continuous ventilation. This model has been enthusiastically received by professors at several universities involved in potato research in the United States. The correlation of research and field data with model predictions has been excellent, and the model has played a significant role in the design of the systems that we manufacture.

During the 1970’s the negative effects of storage insulation schemes became evident. In response to this problem of preserving both structure and insulation, Suberizer developed the air envelope for potato storage in 1979. This air envelope design, initiated by Suberizer and incorporated in Suberizer storages for the past 28 years, has been proven to provide the necessary safeguards to control condensation during cold weather and maximize temperature control during hot weather. The technique has been adapted by the industry as a standard in storage design today. The envelope coupled with Suberizer’s complete insulation and coating scheme, ensures minimum heat loss during cold weather and absolutely positive condensation control.

Suberizer does a complete engineering job on every project we undertake. This pays large dividends to the customer. For example, both our air washer and low-velocity cellular humidification systems were designed expressly to meet humidification requirements for potato storage. Suberizer engineers presented the advantage of blowing-through rather than pulling the air through a washer and received a special commendation at the Washington State Potato Convention, where both professors and storage managers were touting the advantages of Suberizer’s performance. Our low-velocity rigid-cellular humidification system provides exceptional performance and is designed with both storage managers and system performance in mind.

Suberizer’s Air-Everywhere Floor was developed primarily for onion storage. This floor sets the standard for superb air distribution, and is also rapidly becoming the standard for potato storage. The Air-Everywhere Floor provides flexibility of use by allowing true multipurpose raw product storage. Suberizer’s research and development of dehumidification equipment for onion storage has been proven to provide exceptional performance for post-curing and moisture control when undesirable moisture needs to be addressed.

Suberizer’s design and construction of Washington State University’s research potato storage facility in Prosser, Washington is a typical example. This special-purpose storage is used to assess sprout inhibitor performance, assist with development of potato varieties, develop techniques for disease-control in storage, and other post-harvest potato activities conducted by the University.

Suberizer’s presentation on storage management during the 2006 World Potato Conference in Boise, Idaho, along with presentations at other industry conferences, and articles in potato and onion journals help to disseminate current information.

This sort of performance is expected from Suberizer, with our stated goal of researching, improving and bettering our own record. Our continuing research will allow us to improve the products we offer to the raw product storage industry.