Potato Storage & Systems

Potato Storage and Systems

A Suberizer potato storage and system, with Suberizer’s unmatched AirEverywhere under-floor concrete air distribution, assures absolute top performance, whether piling in bulk, or storing in pallet boxes.

Potatoes need tight temperature control and high humidity during early storage to promote proper wound-healing and excellent suberization. The storage environment during the first few weeks immediately following harvest sets the stage for the entire storage season. A complete Suberizer fan-house with an MP-7000 Control Panel, VelCell Air Washer, coupled with a high-pressure JetFog system for humidification, heat when required, and D-X refrigeration coils in the mixing chamber, provide the tools required to create an optimum environment during this crucial early storage period. With D-X coils located in the mixing chamber, the control panel automatically selects return air or outside air to be refrigerated, whichever is more efficient.

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