Suberizer Onion Storage & Systems

Suberizer Onion Storage and Systems

Suberizer onion storages and systems offer the most comprehensive performance available for complete control of all onion storage stages, from post-harvest heating associated with curing and drying, to cool-down for steady-state holding. The AirEverywhere Floor provides superb benefits for bulk piling, and allows forklift handling of palletized boxes during normal post-harvest storage, as well as temporary storage after packing.

Whether you need warp speed post-harvest onion conditioning for getting onions to market at harvest, or onion storage that gets you to market months after harvest, an ideal storage environment for onions can make the difference between a costly cleanup or a profitable, high pack-out. The heart of Suberizer’s onion system is the MP-7000 Onion Panel. The MP-7000 provides three-mode control to dampers and also to each element of supplemental equipment: heat, dehumidification, humidification, and refrigeration. Three-mode control of all equipment modules assures unparalleled system performance. Suberizer’s exclusive AirEverywhere Floor air distribution, coupled with supplemental heat, dehumidification, and refrigeration equipment, provide a system without compromise or competition.


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